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Publicaciones de Christian Bender

Balaszczuk V, Bender C, Pereno G, Beltramino CA (2013). Binge alcohol-induced alterations in BDNF and GDNF expression in central extended amygdala and pyriform cortex on infant rats. Int J Dev Neurosci 31(5):287-96

Bender CL, Yang Q, Sun L, Liu SJ. (2015) NH125 reduces the level of CPEB3, an RNA binding protein, to promote synaptic GluA2 expression. Neuropharmacology 101:531-7

Bender C, Calfa G, Molina VA (2016) Astrocyte plasticity induced by emotional stress: a new partner in psychiatric physiopathology? Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 65:68-77

Savtchouk I, Sun L, Bender CL*, Yang Q, Szabó G, Gasparini S, Liu SJ (2016). Topostatic regulation of synaptic AMPA receptor expression by the RNA-binding protein, CPEB3. Cell Rep 17(1):86-103 *co-firth author

Effects of emotional stress on astrocytes and their implications in stress related disorders

Bender C, Calfa G, Molina VA. Capitulo de libro en: «Psychiatry and Neurosciences. Bridging the Divide. Update 2016». Springe. (en prensa)

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